Canape Menu Selection


Sashimi Tuna pops
Served with a red curry dipping sauce

Fresh Oysters
Served natural or with red wine vinegar and shallot sauce

Potato cakes with smoked salmon
Topped with sour cream and dill

Assorted Bruschetta *
Choose from tomato and basil, char-grilled vegetables and goat’s cheese and mushroom ragout

Sang choi Bao
Lettuce cups filled with stir fried minced pork, carrot and mushroom
Served with soy sauce

Assorted finger sandwiches
With fillings including smoked salmon and poached chicken.

California rolls *
Served with soy sauce


BBQ Garlic and chilli Prawns
Served with garlic tahini dipping sauce

Tempura prawns
Served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

BBQ marinated lamb cutlets
Marinated in garlic and oregano served with a tomato jam

Tandoori Chicken Kebabs
Served with a mint and yoghurt sauce

Gourmet mini pies *
Served with tomato sauce

Steamed Dim Sim
Served with soy sauce

BBQ mini gourmet hot dogs
Served on a small bun topped with caramelized onions

Homemade Mini Pizzas
Topped with ham, olives and mozzarella cheese

BBQ Chicken or Lamb kebabs
Served with a tahini dipping sauce

Arancini *
Mushroom and parmesan rice balls


Mini Lemon curd tarts
Tangy little tarts topped with a fresh raspberry

Portuguese Tarts
Light puff pastry filled lightly charred vanilla custard

Chocolate dipped strawberries
Dipped in 70% cocoa Lindt chocolate

Homemade Baklava
Light and crisp filled with walnuts and nutmeg

Mini gelato cones
Assorted flavours in mini sugar cones


Antipasto platter *
Including salami, sautéed mushrooms, roasted vegetables and crusty Sourdough bread.

Mediterranean Mezze platter *
Assorted dips, stuffed vine leaves, Bastorma, olives, pickles and Lebanese bread

Individual Stir fried Hokkien noodles*
With chicken or pork or beef

Individual Crumbed Flathead and chips
Served in Chinese noodle boxes with a lemon wedge

Mini Lamb Burgers
With tomato chutney

Assorted cheese platter
3 types of cheese served with crackers and seasonal fruit

*Vegetarian or can be made vegetarian
Some items may change based on availability, special dietary requirements can be catered for.

Indicative price from $65 per person for 6 items for 2 hours

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